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So I was reading THIS GREAT POST over at The Scribbler’s Cove and I had this realization smack me in the face. Authors avoid the dreaded synopsis. I’ll admit, I avoided the synopsis until it was absolutely necessary (hey, an agent requested my manuscript and the synopsis, so that was the end of my avoidance).

But there are certain advantages of writing a synopsis. The biggest one is that when you have to summarize your story, you see where certain things just don’t make sense. This happened to me (how did I miss that plot point…), and I keep detailed chapter summaries.

So here is my weekend challenge to all you readers: Write a 2 page synopsis.

And here’s the bonus. Send me your synopsis and I’ll critique it for you! Either use the contact me section or email me at chersti.nieveen [at] gmail [dot] com. Because I think we all need a little help in that area [especially since I’ve read over a thousand bad synopsis in my time working as a submissions editor, both at a local publishing house and with a SF / Fantasy magazine]. So start writing now, and see how your plot goes when it is summarized.

Great posts on writing the dreaded Synopsis

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