Current Project

The Queen of Broken Hearts

YA Contemporary

Riley goes through boyfriends faster than most girls sneeze. Because love is just a game. Love ’em and leave ’em, before anyone gets hurt. But when she gets tired of being The Perfect Girlfriend, Riley takes a leap into discovering who she really is.

The 13 Kingdoms

YA Fantasy

Once a farm-girl engaged to a prince, Meredith is now just another war refugee trying to find passage to the Land of the Gods, the only haven free from the war. Traveling with Alex, the last heir to the throne of a kingdom now fallen to the ruthless foreigners bent on dominating the whole Known World. Stuck in Nova Salus, the only city with access to the Land of the Gods, Meredith runs into Remy–the love she thought she’d left behind before the war. It takes all her wits to keep Alex safe from the constant threat of the foreigners, while she has to figure out the tangles of her own heart.


Completed Projects

The Eternity Contract

YA Contemporary Fantasy 

Aidri and Christopher signed a contract for immortality to become test subjects for a group of immortal scientists who are trying to discover a way to train humans to become peaceful. The tests are beyond psychologically intensive and they both want out – only if they break their contract the alchemical magic demands that one of them will die.


Death Notice

YA Science Fiction 

For most of her life, 16-year-old Mykelle Lockland trained to be a covert operative under her father’s direction. But after her father’s assassination, she realizes she’s a secret weapon without a purpose.

An underground organization recruits Mykelle for missions, using her older sister as collateral if she fails to do what they want. Mykelle reluctantly helps them in their efforts to stop the war between the upper and lower classes—a war where disease and natural disasters are used as the weapons. But as Mykelle discovers secrets beyond her missions, she is faced with the ultimate challenge to find out if her skills are enough to save both her sister—and the world outside.


The Color Transparent

YA light Science Fiction

Emmy has spent her whole life in hiding. Even though she’s a girl from another world, she grew up with a normal human family, just waiting for her test to return home. And when it comes, Emmy not only has to prove she can control her ability to turn invisible, but that she is worthy to return. Meanwhile, a shadow with burning yellow eyes — something called a Shade from another dimension — has come to Earth to steal her powers. And then there’s Devon, though she isn’t sure if he’s help protecting her because he cares, or because he plans to steal her powers for himself.


The Thief with Bad Manners (Time Jumpers)

Chapter Book Science Fiction

Melanie and Cal race through time and space to capture the evil thief Tal Bott before he fathers the gems of power.