Chersti Nieveen
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My name is Chersti Nieveen – exotic right? I’m a YA fantasy author. I have a passion for travel and strawberries, and an obsession with story. I’m an avid reader and tend to devour books in a single sitting. I graduated with an English major from Brigham Young University (go cougars!). Add the creative writing emphasis and editing minor, and you’ve got the whole package. I live in Utah with my amazing husband and the happiest three-legged white lab in the world, Piper. I’ve spent the last fifteen years working in the publishing world as a fiction editor.

For three years, I’ve been working with Katherine J. Farmer and her revolutionary new story analysis called The Farmer System of Narrative Analysis (FSNA), which uses the Story Cone to analyze story. I have helped work on the textbook to further develop FSNA and clarify The Story Cone.


Feel free to contact me: writertherapy [at] gmail [dot] com
If you are interested in working with me as an editor, find me at Writer Therapy
I sometimes hang out on facebook and twitter, so connect with me there!