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Deeper Characters



Creating a Proper Villain

The Overheard Conversation (writing about eavesdropping 101)

How to Rethink Pacing

8 Tips to Writing a Believable Friendship or Best Friend Character

5 Tips to Add Depth to Secondary Characters

Overall Novel Structure

The Story Question: Start your story with a question that will keep your reader questioning until the end.


First lines (examples)

Starting in the right place.

Crossover Fiction:

How to write crossover fiction

What is crossover fiction and why is it important (List of book example of crossover fiction)


Love Triangles

5 Tips to Make Your Reader Fall in Love with your Love Interest


How to Tell if your Writing Sounds Forced

You Can Write Better

Revamping that Manuscript

10 Quick Tips to Polishing Your Manuscript

Polish Those Prose

An Example of Outlining 

Creating a Character Binder


Book Trailers

10 Tips for Querying

How to Know if You are Ready to Query 

Dare to Dream

How to Make and Keep a Writing Schedule

Limiting Character Quirks and Tics

The Importance of Imagination

The Importance of Imagination (round 2)




Overview on my Analysis Process (updated August 2019)

The Analysis: What Works and What Doesn’t 

How to Do An Analysis of Your Very Own (Learn to be a Critical Reader)


The Shadow in the North (description)

The Queen of Attolia (characterization)

The Giver (starting the story in the right place)

The Forest of Hands and Teeth (the first chapter)