The computer clock read 10:54 and 32 seconds when the soldier came into my exercise class. I remember the exact time because I only had one minute and 54 seconds left to hack into the Military’s website before the Intelligence Unit would be all over my case.

Thus begins my work in progress. Which, can I just mention, is finally done! (cue the happy dance, which I’m sure inspired this response from anyone who might’ve seen me…) I updated my writing page to include more about the novel, so feel free to check it out. As for me, I’m thrilled to have my draft finally finished!

Have I mentioned that this story is about the end of the world?

End of the world includes:

global wars with weapons of mass destruction
loss of water and food
and more… it’s really hard to describe as a lot of it they bring upon themselves. (example: They try to create a vaccine, but it really starts the pandemic.)

I love my ending, but I admit that I’m nervous as to what other people will think. I’m so excited to find out in a month, when my novel gets reviewed in our whole novel workshop. This story doesn’t hold anything back. I feel that it’s a very in-depth look into what humanity could possibly become, and at some points, that gets rather scary.

So lessons this draft has taught me:

  1. That the 2 other novels I wrote helped me develop as a better writer. This story is so much cleaner. I think there won’t be as many revisions as the other stories needed.
  2. That the world ends in fire rather than ice.
  3. That I always build-up my descriptions in the second draft.
  4. That it’s hard to fulfill my word-count goals when I have 2 papers due in a week.
  5. That I can make smaller goals to meet my personal deadlines.
  6. That my critique group is a great resource for bouncing ideas off of.
  7. That I can write things that scare even me (especially if it’s late at night).
  8. You must have your story stand out of all those stories in your same genre (and I really hope I did this!)
  9. That I can write during class and still get A’s on the test.

8 thoughts on “the draft is done

  1. Congratulations! I’m so excited to read it! And I understand what you mean about developing as a writer. I’ve made huge leaps with my second novel, and I’m hoping my third novel will be like this one was for you, with fewer revisions needed now that I know better about so many things. I’m hoping my third draft will be done by tomorrow night!

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