I’m gearing up for summer reading, which I’m really excited about. So author Elana Johnson put together a list of books that are 10 STARS. You MUST check this out! Each book has a blog post to go with it, so that you can read if the book is a good fit for your summer reading list.

As for me, I think you should start your summer reading off right by checking out the following series by Megan Whalen Turner:

The Thief, The Queen of Attolia, The King of Attolia, A Conspiracy of Kings

Aren’t these just the most brilliant covers you’ve ever seen?? Honestly, my only complaint about these books is that Greenwillow has yet to release the first two in hardcover. Now when I say read these books, I really mean Drop everything this instant, find a copy of the book and read the words so fast it’s like you are inhaling them, or you will never forgive yourself. Believe me. And do yourself a favor. Read these books in order. Don’t even read the back of the book or the jacket flap. Just get into the story and go! Here’s an intro to the first book:

A king orders a young thief to carry out a near-impossible heist under threat of death. (Publisher’s Weekly)

Sounds amazing, right? Well, here 7 more reasons to pick up The Thief series.

1. Every book will surprise you. You think you know what is going on. . . only to find out you don’t.

2. These books will make you laugh out loud, and maybe even cry. Just don’t ruin the awesome covers.

3. The main character is a thief named Eugenides (Gen for short) who is too good at what he does, and has a knack for trouble. And getting beat up.

4. The setting is a place like ancient Greece, complete with gods and storytelling. You’ll totally want to make this your next vacation spot.

5. All the books have amazing, deep characters that come to life.

6. The first book won a Newberry. Need I say more?

7. This is a great boy book. But it’s also a girl book. Confused? Well, it’s got something for everyone.

Still not convinced? Check out Cherylynne’s book review of The Thief. So what books do you recommend I put on my summer reading list?

3 thoughts on “start your summer reading right

  1. Great post, Chersti! You are so right about this series and it deserves to spread like wildfire. I certainly try to do my part in that. 🙂

    As for summer reading recs, have you read anything by Sharon Shinn? I think you might like her stuff a lot. I recommend starting with ARCHANGEL. It’s the first in her Samaria series. Also great is her Twelve Houses saga, which starts with MYSTIC & RIDER. She’s just so great at characterization and worldbuilding.

  2. Archangel is a great book. I also love Laini Taylor’s Fairies of Dreamdark series.

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