It’s contest time here at Literary Life Notes . . .

Remember those old stories where everyone adds their own sentence? Well, let’s do it!

So here’s how it goes. We’re going to start a story thread here in the comments. You are allowed to write 1 line per comment, with a limit at 4 comments total — no 2 comments in a row can be from the same author (and yes, I will delete your comment if this rule is not followed). Winners will be drawn at random. The first comment can decide the direction of the story, but each comment can change the direction.

Prize Package 1

First 10 pages critiqued by editor Rachel Giddings

Book of your choice

Prize Package 2

1 query critique by editor Rachel Giddings

10 page critique from Chersti Nieveen

Book of your choice

And just wait to see what the prizes are if we get over 100 comments!

Entries will be accepted until midnight (mountain time) Monday night August 23rd.  Two winners will be chosen, unless we get over 100 comments — in which case, more prizes / winners will be added.  First place will get their choice of prizes, then second place will choose, and so on.

So what are you waiting for? Fill it out!  And be sure to stop by the blog for more ways to earn extra entries.  🙂

Book Choices


GIRL IN THE ARENA by Lise Haines

JUST ONE WISH by Janette Rallison (signed copy)


24 thoughts on “finish the story contest

  1. It wasn’t just a regular fetish, it was a full-blown in your face “I love feet ya’ll!” fetish.

  2. Whereas Marty — the hunk with the fetish — goes everywhere barefoot: he runs marathons barefoot, does gym barefoot (gross!), waltzes through the cafeteria barefoot, even the bathroom.

  3. It made me wonder why I’d never noticed those extra large, hairy like Bigfoot, puss-filled, toe jam picked, ingrown toenail, disgusting feet before.

    1. I’m still wondering about the whole “I’m-a-Hobbit” confession because he’s so frickin’ tall.

  4. Tall enough that I could barely see his twinkling blue eyes when I looked up at him and, hopeful that his dreamy face would keep my attention away from his toes, I accepted his invitation to Prom.

  5. But first, I extracted a promise that he would wear shoes, preferably not flip flops.

  6. I just never banked on the idea that not a single one of those dresses would match the horrid laced-up, converse-look-a-like, sneaker-boots, in neon green with hot pink polka-dots.

  7. But just as I was lacing them up, I looked up and saw a guy who looked exactly like Dimitri on Anastasia, and I was suddenly grateful I wasn’t in heels because now I can run away from foot-boy and go with this other dream boat.

  8. Only after five minutes with this Dimitri looking guy I realized this guy was a jerk, so I decided to take advantage of my new sneakers and I ran away.

  9. And just when I was about to make a move on the forty-something scoutmaster with a tan line from where his wedding ring used to be, I had to stop and remind myself that this was JUNIOR Prom and I always had the Senior Ball to look forward to next year.

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