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There is a snake hiding in my steps.

I saw it yesterday when I was about to walk into my house. My thought: Gee . . . how did that thick rope fall down that crack? Maybe I should grab it . . . oh wait, that looks kind of funny. Guess I’ll just stare at it for a few more seconds. Oh wait, DID IT JUST MOVE? It’s moving. It’s moving fast . The rope is moving away. And is that a TAIL?? And now its gone. Down that huge crack.

Question I started to ask myself: How will I get inside my house with a snake guarding the door? This seems very similar to a certain large snake guarding a certain Chamber of Secrets.

Except apparently it’s not a dangerous snake. At least, my family said that. I’m really just wondering how my family knows this fact to try and reassure me since I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO SAW SAID SNAKE.

I’m just saying.

Though I guess on the plus side, the snake might come in really handy for any door-to-door salesmen. Should I post a sign?

BEWARE: snake hiding in stairs.

For Reals.

Do you think they’d buy it? And while I am throwing questions out there, now that I’ve posted my snake problems, will any of my friends still come to visit now that I have a snake guarding my chamber of — er, I mean my house?

Oh yeah, and I just want to add that I used to love snakes. I used to catch them for fun when I was little. Then recently I heard these two freaky stories involving pet snakes, and now I get these little tingles of fear every time I get near one. Ugh!

So what is the book monster that scares you the most? For me, it was werewolves for the longest time. Now it is Weeping Angels. I’d post a picture, but I swear I had a bad dream about this last night — because whatever holds the image of a Weeping Angel becomes a Weeping Angel.

8 thoughts on “there’s a snake hiding in my stairs

  1. Chersti, I will definitely still come visit your house! I love snakes. Since you’re scared of it, I would offer to find Gryffindor’s sword and get rid of the snake for you, but considering I’m a Ravenclaw at heart, I don’t think the Sorting Hat will let me. I can try to figure out what kind of snake it is, though!

    1. It is a slithering snake. My family thinks it is a garder snake. I think it’s way too big to be at my house. Anything above a dime is too big for this house. And thank you for your services!! I may need them, as I am a Ravevnclaw at heart, too.

  2. Joy! Just think of all the wonderful wildlife experiences this will give you. Or you’ll wake up to find a snake is sharing the covers with you. I hear when it is cold at night they use their senses to find warm places, like a bed someone is sleeping in. Just sayin’. 😉

    1. Ugh! That’s just like one of the stories I heard. Apparently if a pet snake sleeps next to you and doesn’t eat, that’s bad. It’s means it is measuring itself against you and starving itself so it can eat you. That was a boa constrictor, but still . . . ick!

  3. There’s a couple snakes in our yard too. There used to be one under the porch, but I’m not sure it’s there this year. I’ve heard they help keep the mice population down. So maybe you can just collect snakes instead of cats?

  4. I can’t think of a book monster that scares me, but we found a Wasatch tarantula in our garage a few years ago, and that thing scared the heck out of me. Because it turns out that the reason its back looks like its pulsing is that it’s carrying BABIES, hundreds of them, on its back, and when you stab the tarantula with the nearest long-handled shovel (as we did), the babies will scatter into all the cracks in your garage so that you can have nightmares about finding tarantulas everywhere.

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