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Can I just say that since my snake in the stairs episode, I’ve been having nightmares. And no, these nightmares are not filled with Weeping Angels or Zombies, but Harry Potter type snakes.


Run away screaming.

I am serious — EVERY NIGHT this week, I’ve been terrorized with dreams of large snakes attacking me, or my personal snake crawling in the window and eating me. And let’s not forget about the dream where two large snakes started eating all my neighbors and I had to save them with my sword.

So now that you understand about my snake fear, you’ll understand why I screamed when my critique group decided to give me a snake as a late birthday present [did I mention that they celebrated my birthday while I was out of town? Yeah, I got to watch them eat my TARDIS shaped cake via webcam. Thanks guys!]. And then I kept screaming every time someone stuck the snake in my face.

So of course it follows that MORE snakes plagued my dreams that night. Only after a bunch of chasing, I kind of decided I WAS SICK of the whole snake thing. And so I decided I wasn’t scared anymore. And POOF the snakes disappeared.

Which just goes to say that Inception was on to something there.

Meanwhile, I have a pet wooden snake that I’m not sure what to do with. Everywhere I’ve set it has startled me. So I’m thinking of getting a wire cage. Because a wooden snake can’t scare me if it is behind bars. Or glass.

But seriously, I love my group!

9 thoughts on “the importance of snakes

  1. I thought it would be fun to give Chersti a pet fake snake. It just didn’t realize how much fun! We appreciate Chersti for taking it all in good taste, and I’m glad the snake inspired her to overcome her fear. So, yeah, I helped! It wasn’t just a childish wish to scare someone! Honest!

  2. Ooh! Who is your writing group? They sound like a fantastic group! 🙂

    I’m sorry to hear that you had snakemares.

    I used to have horrific dreams of being trapped in a huge warehouse-like buildings (even malls), where a handful of soldiers with guns are hunting me down. The same one, but with variances of either a group of others along with me, or the men without the guns or in concentration camp of sorts. *Brrr*

    I don’t have bad dreams IF I remember to pray for good ones. 😉

    Thanks for the post!

    ~Elizabeth 🙂

    1. My group is fantastic! It has the amazing Joel Smith, Shallee McArthur, Rachel Giddings, Kevin Smith, and Karen Krueger. And your dream sounds so awful. Sometimes I wonder if writers have more vivid dreams since we actively use our imagination . . .

  3. I like snakes. Of course, where I live, they always rattle before they eat you. That’s a plus…I guess….

    1. I actually went to the pet shop and stared down a bunch of snakes, and decided they weren’t so bad. And now my dreams have stopped — instead I am nightmaring about Weeping Angels. 🙂

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