So my critique group had a Christmas party over the weekend, and besides the amazing fun we all had rolling dice (in a non-gambling sort of way), we got presents.

I had the best present to give, if I do sat so myself (which I do, since this is my blog!) and so I had my group all line up so I could get a picture. And they were very surprised at what they got.

So what was their present?

Weeping Angels, from Dr. Who. I would like to say I drew both of these pictures, but that would be a lie. The one ready to jump out of the picture… those ones are real.

So what is a Weeping Angel? It’s something that resembles a stone statue, but it comes alive when you aren’t looking. Even when you blink. And they are fast and deadly — angel assassins.

And as you can see from the terrified expressions, the gift did the job! Rachel is even hiding behind her frame. [Remember, the image of an angel becomes an angel, so now I’ve found the best way to wipe out my writing competition… er… celebrate the Christmas season!] The best part of all is that another girl in the group had the same idea to give out these non-Christmas angels.

Little Weeping Angel tree ornaments. Which I am happy to report is now on my tree!

Yeah… about that. I think I better decorate the rest. Sad to say the tree has been up for about two weeks now.  Go me!!

[disclaimer: It is not my fault if a Weeping Angel appears beside you as a result of the pictures on this blog. My advice is to read it really fast and DON’T BLINK!]

7 thoughts on “non-christmas angels at the christmas party

  1. What can I say, Chersti? Great minds think alike!
    You kind of foiled my plan, though: I intended to give the ornaments away so that I wouldn’t have to worry about angel images being in my home. Scary!

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