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Sometimes I like to do sketches of my characters so I can better visualize what they look like. Here is an example of Myka (left) and Taya (right) from TLO. I did a quick sketch of both of them awhile ago, back when Taya was younger. Now she’s older, so imagine the sketch on the right as a nineteen-year-old blonde girl who is just a little taller than Myka. I like how it came out, because it really portrayed both characters. Only something seems to be missing . . .

Did you catch that?

That’s right. Their faces. For some reason, I just couldn’t get their faces right . . .

And I thought writing them was hard enough.

ps. Yep, they are also missing hands. What’s up with that?

7 thoughts on “faceless characters

  1. Picturing characters is hard. Faces especially because that’s where so much emotion and intent comes across. I’m working on the same thing. Good luck. 🙂

  2. Chersti, I’m surprised. With how much you hate severed limbs, I never imagined you’d sever the faces and hands of your characters. Yeesh, how morbid! 😉

  3. Leisha / Rebecca T – I never thought that those were the hardest parts, but now I see it. I normally just hate drawing hands, so I just left them blank. And the face I just couldn’t get right — I wanted their characters to come across in their expressions and it just didn’t work.

    Joel – Do I even respond to that? I’m seriously going to get over the whole thing just so you can stop the torment! Ack!

    Melissa – I would love to see your drawings sometime. That is so awesome. I usually find pics for my characters, but I was so specific for both these that I had to draw what they look like.

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