Before I do anything else, I have to share the new HUNGER GAMES BARBIE: the Katniss Everdeen doll.

[You can read more about the doll here]

So I’m just wondering how the girls are going to play with this particular Barbie, because I can’t see Katniss going to the mall. Oh wait, I can just see the fights on the school playground now. “You better watch out. I’ve got the Katniss Everdeen doll in my backpack and she’s gonna get you.”

Speaking of which, I found out a good friend of mine wrote a poem, which was then not only READ by President Monson, but READ OUT LOUD IN CONFERENCE by him. I think I decided that’s going to be my new goal as a writer. Or to have my book somehow referenced in a Dr. Who episode.

So what about you? What are your writing goals right now? Do your writing goals seem as impossible as mine??

20 thoughts on “Writing Goals

  1. Haha, my latest goal is to be C. S. Lewis in writing the world’s most profound fiction and nonfiction. And so then, of course, I would also be quoted in General Conference like C. S. Lewis. So I guess we have that goal in common! Haha!

    1. Oh that is so funny! When I was little, I wanted to marry someone with the last name Lewis because my initials were C.S. I was totally like: And then I’ll already be a famous writer before my first book is even out!

      1. Hey, my first two initials are C.S., too! We should start a club or something.

        Right now, I just got an idea for a science fiction story. I want people to read and go, “This might actually be possible,” and then go and do it. And they can bring a copy of my book out into space with them.

  2. They did a great job on that “Barbie”! I think she’s the kind of doll the little brothers will swipe to play with their GI Joes. LOL

    1. Oh that is so funny! My only problem is the feet. How can she run away from fires and mutated mutts in FEET LIKE THAT??? I’m beginning to think this version of Katniss would’ve died in the Hunger Games. :-p

  3. That is… amazing. That’s a doll I actually would have played with. When I was in sixth grade, in the absence of Katniss-style accessories for my dollies, I made my Herself the Elf doll a bow and arrow and had her hunt my little plastic toy deer.

    Writing goals? I want to walk into the Scholastic Book Fair at my son’s elementary school library and see my book for sale on the shelf between “The Lost Hero of Olympus” and “The Grimm Legacy.” Right there around “Icefall” and “Entwined.”

    1. Oh… now that is impressive. I watched like 1 epsidoe of Jeapordy in the last year, and one of the questions was totally about Stephanie Meyers. Pretty awesome, I think.

  4. I have to add that maybe another one of my writing goals is to have such a cool book idea, that kids want to play it on the playground. Like how they play Harry Potter. Or recently, I heard one elementary school was playing “Hunger Games” … which I guess could be a messed-up version of cowboys and indians, right?

  5. I’m going “National Novel Writing Year” in which I’ve set the goal of doing 50,000 words a month, instead of just doing that in November like everyone else. I’ve already met the goal for the first three months of the year and am on track for April. I’ll have tons of new stuff to work with by the end of the year, and it feels good to be pushing myself so hard to get stuff done.

  6. I want at least one fan letter saying that my book made an impact or changed their lives.

  7. Wow! A Baribie doll? I want to write a book that will be popular with both boys and girls.

  8. writermike: Wow, I think you’ve inspired me. I’m already wondering if I can somehow pull that off. I’d love to hear how it ends up going for you!

    Dan Wells: Love that goal – I could easily see that happening with the level of depth you put in your books for the reader to think about. Hopefully it’ll happen one day soon.

    Michelle: I’ve heard of stories exactly like that, and I think it says so much about how well the reader connected with the story, or even the character. Books can be powerful. Go you!

    Britney: That’s a great goal, and really awesome when it’s pulled off!

  9. I actually think the doll is cool, although Katniss would be appalled, I’m sure.

    One ridiculous goal of mine is to have my name bigger on the spine of my book than the title. Of course, I’d have to be published first, so maybe I should work on finishing my book. 🙂

    1. Seriously, I was talking to Jed about that the other day. He was looking at Holly Black’s book WHITE CAT, and he kept saying he was so confused at what the title of the book really was. Just because her name is bigger than the title. But yeah, that should totally be my goal, too. Or maybe just get them the same size.

  10. I love Dan’s goal. 🙂 It’s always been one of my dreams, too, to have something I write assigned in an English class. I’ve also had a dream to have people come up and ask me “how I get my ideas.” Because that seems like the kind of question big authors get, sort of the “you know you’ve made it when…” question.

  11. So is there going to be a G.I. Joe version of Katniss? You know, one that actually shoots arrows and you can pose and do the mockingjay signal :d

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