So this morning, I found my cat… trying to get something from behind one of my bookcases. (And that was only five minutes after I left my office to go grab something.)

So what was it?

A bird.

To be more exact, a BABY bird that couldn’t even fly.

Now, you have to understand that my cat (who is still really a kitten, as he’s only 6 months old), has been trying to catch a bird for the last several days. So I really shouldn’t be surprised that he finally caught one. I really shouldn’t. But HOLY COW, why did he have to drag it into my office (okay, so my office is actually downstairs–DOWNSTAIRS–so I can only imagine what the cat did to get the little bird down there)???

So I got my gloves and took the bird out to my backyard… only to immediately have the chickens start pecking at it. So then I chased away the chickens, and moved the bird to the back area of the yard.

Where then my puppy, Piper (1 year old), grew curious.

A cat, and chickens, and then dogs. Poor baby bird.

Though Piper really just wanted a new friend. So she just laid there and stared at it.

Piper is very good at making friends. Her and the cat are best friends.

And of course, the whole time the mommy bird is just chirping away at us. (this was one of the many birds my cat already tried to get this week)

So now I’m not quite sure what to do with this bird, who is just sitting there in my backyard (now in a big box, so the chickens can’t get to it). And my cat is acting all smug. And will probably get only more smug the second he knows I wrote a blog post about him.

So all that was left to do was to take a picture of my camera-loving puppy, Piper. Seriously, I told her to smile 1/2 a second before I took this picture. She’s so obedient.

And then she went in for her closeup.

PS. The cat was unnamed for a very long time. We call him Cricket, because he loved to hide places and jump out at us. And jumped so high for a kitten, just like a Cricket. We’ve also tried calling him Merlin and Greebo. So far, only Cricket has stuck.

So what do I do with this baby bird?? Ack! The poor thing.

4 thoughts on “Guess what the cat dragged in…

  1. My cats brought something into my office, too. Except my guest is a mouse. And it’s loose in my house. Grrrrr. Seriously, why have cats if they create mice problems instead of solve them? I am very irked. And to top it all off, the mouse keeps taking the cheese from my new mouse traps, and my cats just might be in on it. Double grrrr.

    As far as the bird, I’m not sure. Maybe put the box under the tree where it’s nest is? Or maybe up in the tree? I’m not sure.

    1. Oh that is just horrible! We actually got the cat just to keep the mice down in our garage, and we think it’s been working. Because there are have been no mice since we’ve gotten him. They have those new mousetraps that are like small cages, where the mouse has to run into get the cheese. That might work? And thanks for the advice!

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