So on Saturday, I got to meet one of my writing icons: Tamora Pierce. She was speaking at ConDuit, and so I attended her Q and A (where I was too nervous to ask any questions, even though I had dozens written down). Here were some random facts I learned:

1. Tamora Pierce is absolutely hilarious.

2. In the Alanna series, Tamora Pierce originally wrote the last book with Alanna getting together with A DIFFERENT GUY! (I was astounded at this, but apparently Alanna protested, and the book had to be rewritten so she ends up with the guy — the one that I LOVE she ended up with!)

3. When Tamora Pierce does a reading, she acts out the different parts. It was so intriguing, and it probably comes from her time as a voice actor on the radio!

4. Tamora Pierce narrates a lot of her audiobooks.

After her Q.A., I joined the line to get my books signed, dragging along my HUGE SACK of books. Seriously, her mouth kind of dropped open when I set it on the table and started pulling out books. So did everyone behind me in line.

Yes, that bag is FULL of all my Tamora Pierce books. What can I say? I’ve been collecting her books since I was 11.

Fortunately, the signing went fast since I just had her sign her name. (If not, I’m sure the rest of the line would’ve done something drastic.) And I got the opportunity not just to stare at her gorgeous signing, but to actually speak with her and ask a few questions.

This was almost as amazing as the day I got to visit Brandon Sanderson’s house, with his huge warehouse of books, and was told that I could take anything I wanted. That day, I honestly thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

Though the one question I didn’t have time to ask was what she thought of her books being shelved in science fiction. I actually consider most of her books fantasy, but in most bookstores / libraries I’ve visited (where they separate sci-fi and fantasy from each other), they shelf her in sci-fi and not fantasy. Am I the only one who thinks that’s kind of weird?

So what eventful things have happened in your life, as of late??

4 thoughts on “Meeting Tamora Pierce

  1. As an (almost) obsessive fan, I’m a little surprised by the classification of her books as sci-fi… they definitely fit in fantasy in my mind. It’s awesome you could meet her! I think she is one of those people where it would be a perfect afternoon to just sit down over a pot of tea and have a chat about everything under the sun.

  2. I totally agree! I think they’re 100% fantasy, so I’m just boggled. And yes, she is definitely on my list of people I’d love to have lunch with 🙂

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