On Saturday, I went over to the Authorpalooza at my local Barnes and Noble. There were dozens of authors, and it was such an amazing event! I took a stack of books to get signed, and was completely bummed when I realized I hadn’t brought some of the books by authors who were there. Always next time, right?

Brandon Sanderson also showed up last minute to do a signing, and his line was ginormous.

That was just the last 1/4 of the line. See, I’m not making it up. And here’s me and my critique group buddy, Shallee McArthur, waiting in the line.

Okay, so really she waited while I went to get my books signed… since I didn’t actually bring any of my Brandon Sanderson books to get signed because I didn’t get the last minute FB post announcing he would be there. #TechnologyFail But I guess that’s okay, because that would’ve been ANOTHER big bag of books to carry, and I’m doubting my back could’ve taken it.

ANYWAYS, what are some fun things you’ve been doing in your life recently??

One thought on “Authorpalooza 2012

  1. I decided not to deal with Brandon’s long line… oh, well. As you said, next time! It was fun though! I do wish they (B and N) would advertise which authors would be there so we can come better prepared. I only knew if the author themselves tweeted about it.

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