How to write a believable overheard conversation for the eavesdropping character

Psst . . . Don’t forget about March’s contest to win free books and more! Check it out here. * * * (This is a repost of one my most popular blog posts, which I summarized 6 Tips at the bottom.) One thing that can come out as so cliché is when a character overhears […]

6 tips on how to Create a Villain with Depth, starring Alan Rickman

Psst . . . Don’t forget to post a comment to enter this month’s book raffle. Check it out more details here. * * * If you have a villain in your story, then here’s some great advice from one of the BEST VILLAIN ACTORS EVER: Alan Rickman (Snape in Harry Potter) you MUST check […]

5 Tips to Add Depth to Secondary Characters

I was talking to my sister the other day, and since we always have random conversations, I asked her a question. Now this question came from a book full of (dumb) questions. My sister answered (see end of post), but what really struck me was: How would my secondary character respond?And I was surprised by […]