Writer Therapy Launch

Hey all! Sorry I’ve been MIA, but you can find me blogging over at the Writer Therapy blog. The webseries is launching in TWO DAYS – yeah, I can’t really believe it’s actually happening. This has been a long time in the making, and sometimes it felt like it would never happen Anyways, there are […]

Dare to Dream

I was talking to my good friend, and critique buddy, Shallee McArthur last week on the phone, and she said something amazing. “Allow yourself to believe what you want for five minutes. And then accept the reality of the situation.” Okay, it might not have been exactly that, (I wasn’t recording the conversation), but that’s […]

Meeting Tamora Pierce

So on Saturday, I got to meet one of my writing icons: Tamora Pierce. She was speaking at ConDuit, and so I attended her Q and A (where I was too nervous to ask any questions, even though I had dozens written down). Here were some random facts I learned: 1. Tamora Pierce is absolutely […]