So on my way to work every morning, I pass this:

I have been taking this same route for over a year, and that monkey has been in that chair everyday. In rain. In snow. In sprinklers. Yep, always there, though he and his chair do rotate around the lawn. He was even joined by another stuffed animal, a small black dog, for a good six months.

Like Alice says, “Curious and curiouser.”

But it makes me wonder — what is the story behind this?

Maybe one of these days I will have to go up and ask them. Until then, my imagination is at work.

What curiosities have you come across in your personal adventures? What oddities of life have sparked your imagination to add something to your writing?

3 thoughts on “what stories are out there?

  1. That’s too funny. I used to see an old man on BYU campus with a dog. Every afternoon, he would bring the dog to these outdoor vents, and the dog would stare down there, occasionally barking. I have no idea why, and it also made me curious.

    Love the new look for your site, by the way! It’s nice and clean.

  2. I like your new site too. Will you come fix mine and make it pretty?

    I love to see funny signs. Like “Watch for falling deer” and on a Subway, the entrance said “Use the door.” (I think it was supposed to be “Use other door.”)

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