So I am in the middle of querying. And sometimes, I think I am going to lose my mind. Actually, that all just started this week. Because before that, I kind of got into this mode of forgetting that I was querying (yeah, it was kind of nice). I mean, I knew my queries were out in the world. And that agenting people were reading my story. But I didn’t know how many were still out there, or when their self-proclaimed deadline for me to hear back from would be. So I just kind of forget.

Until this week. When I decided to look at my handy Querying Tracker. And I realized that I should be hearing back from a lot of those agents like THIS WEEK. Crazy, huh? So besides obsessively checking my email box, I am working frantically on my new WIP just go keep busy.

Fortunately for my sanity, author Kiersten White posted a STRATEGY For Waiting. Besides just cracking me up (which many of Kiersten’s posts do), it really helped my current condition. So here is my continued waiting strategy: O.B.S.E.S.S. (Does that make me an official member of the Professional Waiting Society??)

Okay, so the optimism thing is a little harder (especially when a rejection comes back), but hey, overall my manuscript has done really well. And in the meantime, I have my new WIP that is keeping me busy!

6 thoughts on “the waiting game

  1. I haven’t started the waiting game yet. I have a feeling I won’t handle it particularly well, but who knows? Maybe I’ll have the ability to toughen my skin to the point that I take rejections well. At least I can rely on people like Chersti who have gone through it 😀

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