So today I want to point out some amazing blogs to follow (besides the obviously amazing agent, of which I included below . . . just in case.)

The Scribbler’s Cove: A group of MG / YA writers with a pirate themed blog — what could be better? And yes, I am one of the bloggers there, which is only another reason to check it out!

Kiersten Writes: The author of NY Times best-selling PARANORMALCY. She blogs everyday, and her blog is hilarious. Plus she hits on all things writerly.

Market My Words: Shelli MG/YA Author represented by Alyssa Eisner Henkin (Trident Media Group); Marketing Consultant. She has fun agent contests, and write brilliant posts, so check it out.

Typing With My Toes: One of my dear friends, Karen Kruger, puts in her 2 cents on the writing world. She has amazing insights, so check out her blog.

Literary Rambles: Casey McCormick has a website that is great if you are ready to query. She has indepth looks at various agents, and that’s only the start. Start following her blog for the other fun insights.

Amie Borst: Every Friday, my dear friend Amie has free query critque friday. Now isn’t that enticing?

Story Monster: Heather Dixon’s book is coming out next year, and she is such a fun person. She also draws, and her illustrations are to die for (maybe I should tell her that I print off some of them to hang on my wall, just for the inspiration such creativeness brings . . .).

If I missed your blog, don’t worry. I had so many I had to split this into two posts.

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