So I very strongly recommend everyone to read Gina Kolata’s FLU: The Story of the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 and the Search for the Virus That Caused It.’ Not only is it a fast-paced nonfiction book, you can just imagine Edward Cullen every time they talk about some young man dying because of the flu. True story.

But this book was so informative, and really helped me world-build THE END OF THE WORLD, which in THE LAST ONSET consists of 2 horrible diseases. And if you ever happen to live in my fiction world, I strongly recommend you don’t get either disease, as the fatality rate is so high that I’m sure you’ll die.

Two interesting facts:

[1] The death curve peaked with babies and toddlers under age 5, the elderly aged 70-74 (like a normal disease), AND THEN those aged 20-40 (which was the abnormality).

[2] The disease took place during WWI, and the disease went rampant in military training camps and around the world, killing more people than the casualties of the whole World War I (even when you combine it with casualties from WWII).

Now for my notes from WAIFE:

Today’s top sticky note to self: Kanddace or Kanddice? (re: the spelling of my central character — I think I prefer the first . . . maybe?)

Today’s best google search: Motorcycle crashes

Today’s favorite quote: This was my island, but not my home.

Today’s distraction was brought to you by: my printer not working! [add a series of wails and lamentations]

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