For those of you who missed it, I blogged over at The Scribbler’s Cove about writing goals for 2011, so go check it out!

Now I present a short post on what to expect this year:

I will still have no schedule, since when I write I become obsessive and barely stop for food, let alone blog posts. So really, why commit when I know I’ll fail. Though, I guess in the spirit of organization (of which I am also obsessive), I will promise my best to post an awesome writing tip every Friday.

There will be a lot more fun pictures.

A contest here and there, along with more guest posts.

A few posts detailing what I’ve learned while querying.

More posts where I rave about Dr. Who and Castle, or both!

Do you guys like book reviews? Because I can add more of those, too, but I need to know.

AND… chocolate. There will be much chocolate.

Speaking of which, I have been obsessively reading a manuscript this morning for our Full Novel Review (which just happens to be THIS SATURDAY), and I forgot to eat. So I should probably go do that…

What would you like to see in 2011?

9 thoughts on “what to expect in 2011

  1. More of everything! That’s what I want to see. 🙂 And yes, I do like book reviews. They help me decide which books to add to my TBR list– or which ones to bump up higher/bump off.

    And yay for the full novel review! Can’t wait! 🙂

  2. I like all of that, and book reviews would be good too. I’m looking for my next new favorite author;) Thanks Chersti!

    My goals are to finish drafts and do a few rounds of edits on books 2&3. I’d also like to sell book one, but that’s out of my control, so my goal is to query until it’s dead or spoken for. Good luck!

  3. And Chersti plans to help me story-board my story (she even bought a white-board!) because I am a lazy planner. But I’m stoked to see how she does it, because my attempts involve instantly getting board and going back to writing the story.

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