I just want to assure you, much to the disappointment of someone somewhere out there in the world, I am alive! And why haven’t I been posting? Good question, and the only answer I can give is that I am helping organize the Writing and Illustrating for Young Reader’s Conference this summer . . . and boy, has that taken loads of time! But I’ll do my best to keep posting regularly on my blog in the future.

In other news, I just want to point out that I am a sellout . . . when it comes to dentists, at least. You see, I’ve been wanting to go visit the dentist for several months now. But I decided that I wouldn’t just choose a dentist. This special dentist had to win me over. And how would they do that, you might ask?

By giving me a shiny new iPod, which is all mine JUST for visiting.

And the ad arrived just yesterday promising shiny new iPods to all new patients, and today I now have an appointment. And in only a few weeks, I will have a shiny new iPod. Because I’m a sellout like that.

I’m hoping I get the blue one.

6 thoughts on “i’m alive

  1. Hi Chersti! Glad you’re alive. 🙂 All dentists should give away iPods. Seriously. Because that would make the whole talk to you with your mouth open, poke and prod my gums experience worth it. 🙂

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