What makes your manuscript stand out? We know how important that first line is for hooking an agent, editor, and reader. Now show us some great beginnings!

Open to picture book, chapter book, middle grade or young adult. Deadline: Midnight April 2, 2011.

First Prize:

A query critique by agent Mary Kole (Andrea Brown Literary Agency)
$30 Gift Certificate* towards Writing and Illustrating for Young Reader’s Conference, held June 13-17th, 2011 at the Waterford School in Sandy, Utah.


Second Prize:

A 5-page critique by author Martine Leavitt + 1 page of notes
$20 gift certificate* towards Writing and Illustrating for Young Reader’s Conference, held June 13-17th, 2011 at the Waterford School in Sandy, Utah.

Runner Ups can win one of the following books:

MATCHED by Ally Condie signed copy

FRESHMAN FOR PRESIDENT by Ally Condie signed copy

WHITE CAT by Holly Black signed copy

THE WHEAT DOLL by Alison Randall signed copy

WORLDSHAKER by Richard Harland (Simon & Schuster)

MONSTERS OF MEN by Patrick Ness (Candlewick Press)

FIRELIGHT by Sophie Jordan (Harper)

DEMONGLASS by Rachel Hawkins (Hyperion)

REMOTE CONTROL by Jack Heath (Scholastic)



A MAP OF THE KNOWN WORLD by Lisa Ann Sandell (hardcover)

MARCELO IN THE REAL WORLD by Francisco X. Stork (hardcover)

THE LITTLE GIANT OF ABERDEEN COUNTY by Tiffany Baker (hardcover)

DAWN by Kevin Brooks (ARC)


Rules: To be eligible to enter, you must do one of the following options: [OPTION A] sign up for the WIFYR Newsletter (fill out your info and select that option at the bottom) OR [OPTION B] follow WIFYR on Twitter and ‘like’ WIFYR on Facebook. If you aren’t on facebook or twitter, you can still enter but mention that in your comment (if you do that option, you should at least be on one of those).  Don’t worry about giving the links, but we will be disqualifying anyone who hasn’t followed the instructions. One entry per person; entries must be the first line of your manuscript. They need not be a complete sentence, but an entry that is more than one sentence, such as an entry that clearly tries to squeeze multiple sentences into one, may be disqualified.

Submit your entries by commenting below. Please make sure you’ve qualified by going to Twitter and Facebook and signing up for the newsletter, then submit your comment in the following format:

option you chose [A or B]

Your amazing first sentence.

You don’t have to spread the word, but this contest is so awesome that we’ll give you an extra entry for every place you post about it (for the runner up book prizes). Just give us the links below to verify! Contest winners will be posted no later than April 9th here on the blog. First and Second prize will be judged based on merit of the first sentence.

*You can use your gift certificate for the following workshops at the Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers Conference:

Please note: The conference discount cannot be applied to registration fees that have already been paid. It is, however, exchangeable.

Mike Knudson’s Chapter Book and Middle Grade class: Mike’s class will be an enjoyable step back into the students’ middle-grade selves, discussing how to create strong, memorable characters even reluctant writers will love.Editors and agents are consistently looking for books that appeal to boys. Mike has written successfully for that audience in his popular chapter books. He is also gifted at writing humor, and he will also share his secrets for successful marketing.

Emily Wing Smith’s Beginning YA class: Emily is the author of two successful books and has an MFA in children’s writing. She has attended WIFYR in years past, and feels this has taught her how to run a workshop with the right balance between instruction and class participation. She encourages writers to finish their YA books, and loves to nurture her students as they work toward that goal.

Kristyn Crowe’s Picture Book Class: With the goal of having each student leave the workshop with at least one salable manuscript, she will provide writing tips, a list of agents presently acquiring, and other valuable information. In the past she’s seen how writers can do well at critiquing other’s writings, but have difficulty translating that into their own work. She has devised a “critique sheet” to help writers evaluate their own work.

Sharlee Glenn’s Beginning Writing Class: This class focuses on the writing process and the fundamentals of good writing. Attendees will also learn the nuts-and-bolts of children’s book publishing (how to submit a manuscript, the publication process, copyright issues, negotiating contracts, etc.). Throughout the course of the week, we will touch on all the major categories of children’s books (picture books, easy readers, early chapter books, middle-grade novels, and YA novels) and will enjoy guest lectures from published authors in the above genres. Because this is a hands-on workshop, participants are asked to bring a work-in-progress (a picture book manuscript or several chapters of a novel) to class to be shared, critiqued, worked on, and polished.

201 thoughts on “First Line Contest

  1. Thanks so much for having this contest!

    Name: Janet B Taylor
    Genre: YA
    Option B- Twitter name Janet_B_Taylor

    First sentence: They say eyes are the window to the soul–or some crap like that–but for me, eyebrows are way more interesting.

  2. Name: Erin Cabatingan
    Genre: Picture Book
    email: ecabatingan at gmail dot com

    Monday morning Martians moved into Josh’s castle.

    Option A

  3. Tiffany Dominguez

    Steampunk YA

    Option A

    Veronica slid her long-barreled Tesla-ray gun slowly out of its holster, flipped it on stun, and peered around the side of the ten-story brick building.

  4. Name: Taryn Albright
    Genre: YA Thriller
    Email: tarynal AT hotmail.com
    Both options 🙂
    1st sentence: The Sour Patch Kids in the bottom of Heidi Maverick’s sparkly clutch probably bothered him the most.

  5. Name: Alwyn Hamilton
    Genre: YA Dystopian
    email: alwynhamilton@gmail.com
    Option: B (Twitter)

    First sentence:

    The first thing you should know about the Academy of American Superheroes is that it’s the sort of place that’s crazy for mottos.

  6. I selected Option A and registered for the newsletter

    My first line of a middle-grade novel:

    I keep my dad in a peanut butter jar beside my bed–the Costco size.

  7. Name: Nichole Giles
    Genre: YA Paranormal
    Option B–like on #FB, and also followed on twitter @nicholegiles

    First sentence: Though it’s not yet dark, fear sweeps my blood into overdrive, raising the fine hairs on my skin, and wrapping around me like a scratchy blanket.

  8. Name: Caitlyn ‘Libby’ Webber

    Genre: YA Action/Adventure

    email: CaiteyWebber@gmail.com

    option you chose [A or B]: Option B

    Your amazing first sentence: Aeron dashed down the hill from the manor—just ahead of her twin brother, Decius—cutting through the family cemetery and past the gardens to the West wall.

  9. Name: Peggy Eddleman
    Genre: Middle Grade
    Email: peggyeddleman(at)yahoo(dot)com
    Option B

    You’d think I had never jumped off a 35 foot cliff before, based on how long I stood there, not jumping.

  10. Option you chose [A or B]: B

    Genre: YA Paranormal

    First Sentence: I got a box for Christmas and in it were eleven stolen souls.

  11. Name: Melissa West
    Genre: YA sci-fi romance
    option A

    I stare out my window into the darkness of night, hoping to see
    them — or rather him.

  12. Name: Karen Collum

    Genre: Picture Book

    Email: karen[at]karencollum[dot]com[dot]au

    Option A & B

    On the night one wombat grumbled, two ring-tailed possums rumbled, three sneaky dingoes hunted and four koalas grunted, Mr Jumbelina couldn’t sleep.

  13. Name: Robin Weeks
    Genre: YA UF
    email: cardinal[underscore]law[underscore]76[at]yahoo[dot]com
    Option A and B (who can choose?)
    And I tweeted about the contest.

    My amazing first sentence:

    Brina’s only warning was a light brush on her upper left wing.

  14. Name: Keely Done
    Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
    email: keely[at]donefamily[dot]org
    Option: A and B
    First Line:
    My stomach muscles clenched painfully, my mouth watering as I watched him slowly strum his guitar.

  15. Name: Lois D. Brown
    Genre: MG mystery

    Option A: I signed up

    1st sentence: I’ve never seen anything dead before.

  16. Name: Liz Norcross
    Genre: MG
    email: lizardnorcrossyahoocom
    option: B

    First Sentence:
    I knew how Hansel and Gretel felt.

  17. Name: Becca Lee Jensen Ogden
    Genre: Middle Grade
    email: Becca[dot]Jensen[at]gmail[dot]com
    option you chose: I am receiving the WIFYR newsletter.

    My name is Michael Isaac Layton and neither of my parents is dead.

  18. Name: Amy White
    Genre: Picture Book
    email: Saltzworks(at)gmail(dot)com
    option you chose [A or B]: A & B

    Oliver used to be ordinary–yesterday.

  19. Name: T. A. Demings
    Genre: YA contemporary
    email: t.a.demings@gmail.com
    option: B (I have facebook, but not twitter) A (shouldn’t I already get the newsletter if I’m registered for WIFYR?)

    First Line: There are some things people don’t tell.

  20. Name: Kim Woodruff
    Genre: YA Fantasy
    email: kimmikit(at)netscape(dot)net
    option you chose [A or B]: A and B

    First sentence: The day the king sold the world and his son with it for a fine pie was the day Mama discovered my curse.

  21. Name: Karen Elizabeth Brown
    Genre: YA Fantasy
    Email: weetot52@gmail.com
    Option: B (no twitter)

    Amazing First Sentence: As soon as Hestia linked her mind with the Orb of Truth, she knew that someone had foolishly entered Horner’s Maze without supervision.

  22. If a person wins, but can’t come to Utah for the WIFYR Conf. what happens to the part of the prize that goes toward that conf. registration? Thanks. Good Luck Everyone!

    1. Great question!

      If a person wins either first or second prize, but can’t come to Utah for the WIFYR Conf, then that person can transfer the gift certificate to a friend or relative who will be able to redeem it. If the winners doesn’t know anyone who is interested in redeeming the gift certificate, then we will move on to another contestant until the gift certificate is redeemed [first moving down to the runner ups and then using random.org for the remainder of the contestants]. This is such an amazing contest, so we don’t want the gift certificate to go to waste!

  23. Name: Valerie Ipson
    Genre: YA Contemporary
    Email: vipson@cox.net
    Choosing option A

    Amazing first sentence: Whose idea was it to broadcast the screen-sized faces of the dead to the farthest shadowy corners of the school’s auditorium?

  24. Name: Britney Stapley

    Genre: YA Sci-Fi


    Option B (No Twitter)

    First Sentance: A howl ripped the night.

  25. Name: Lori M. Lee
    Genre: YA urban fantasy
    Email: leemai82 at gmail dot com
    Option B!

    On his thirteenth lap around the block, London Howell ripped off the advertisement stapled to his neighbor’s fence.

  26. Chersti! Thanks for subscribing to mine too! 🙂 Always love joining others on this journey 🙂

    Name: Marcy Pusey
    Genre: YA Memoir
    email: marcypusey@gmail.com
    option you chose: B

    “The first time MaryAnn died she was only nine years old.”

  27. Name: Ella Watney
    email: isabellawatney@gmail.com
    Genre: YA fantasy adventure
    Option: B

    “From where Tawn was sitting, half way up a large and twisted chestnut tree, she could just see into the house across the road while being reasonably confident that she herself was hidden from view.”

  28. Name: Susan Buttars
    Genre: YA Adventure Fantasy
    Email: susan at buttars dot net
    Option: B – liked on facebook

    The manacles clicking shut on my wrists was not my first indication that something had gone horribly wrong, but nearly so.

  29. Name: Julie Caron

    Genre: YA Contemporary

    email: juliette_caron@yahoo.com

    option B–I liked on facebook (I don’t have a twitter account)

    “Hi, my name is Chloe Ryder,” I say to my reflection in the bathroom mirror, the words feeling foreign on my tongue.”

  30. Name: Kevin M Smith

    Genre: MG Science Fiction.

    email: mvkevin@gmail.com

    I have signed up for the newsletter, following wifyr on twitter and liked on facebook.

    Where’s my bed? I thought to myself, flailing beneath me and finding nothing there.

  31. Name: Heather Darger
    Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy
    Email: snoopea@msn.com
    Option: A
    1st Line: Trouble always found me no matter how hard I tried to stay away, but this particular morning I went looking for it.

  32. Name: Scott and the Naughty Boy Factory
    Genre: Chapter Book
    email: mrso_d at yahoo dot com
    option you chose: [A]

    I crouched in my favorite tree, fourth branch up from the ground and only one branch over from my sister’s piñata.

  33. Sorry! Here is is with all the info!

    Name: Heather Muir

    Email: nomarilyn@gmail.com

    Genre: YA Science Fiction

    Option A and B!

    The end of the world smells like burnt brownies.

  34. Name: Ebyss

    email: ebysswriter@yahoo.com

    genre: paranormal romance

    Option B

    First sentence: The feel of Aaron’s arm lying across Myriam’s shoulders made her skin crawl, like little spiders skittering under the fair layer of her epidermis.

  35. Karen M. Krueger
    YA Urban Fantasy
    No preference
    karenmkrueger at gmail dot com

    I click my heels together three times, and staring at the red velvet curtain in front of me, I think, There’s no place like the stage.

  36. I chose Option A
    Middle Grade Novel

    “Watch out! Don’t step in that pile of dog poop,” I warned my brother as she bounded through Mrs. Carter’s yard.

    1. Correction to My First Line:
      “Watch out! Don’t step in that pile of dog poopl” I warned my brother as HE (not she) bounded through Mrs. Carter’s yard.
      Yikes! You’d think I could write ONE line correctly if I think I can write an entire book!

  37. Christy Dorrity
    YA paranormal romance
    option B
    If I tilted my calculator just right, I could see Lucas in its reflection without him noticing.

  38. Name: Rosalyn Eves
    Genre: YA fantasy
    Email: rosalyn.eves at gmail.com

    Option A (also liked on facebook)

    First line: Karan had believed in the gods all her life; that didn’t mean she actually wanted to *meet* one.

  39. Kym Balthazar Fetsko
    MG Fantasy
    Option B

    Simon Blue knew this day was coming, the one-year anniversary since the war stole his dad, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

  40. Name: Sierra Klemm

    Genre: Contemporary YA

    Option B–liked on Facebook

    Email: sierra.klemm@gmail.com

    The doctors told me I was a miracle to have survived, but I don’t remember any of it.

  41. Name: Josin L. McQuein

    Genre: YA fantasy (reimagined fairy tale)

    Email: josinlmcquein@yahoo.com

    Option: A

    First line: The voices of the dead never truly leave; they become the wind, and roam the barren places of the world seeking solace.

  42. Name: Nikki Katz

    Genre: YA Paranormal/Mythology

    Email: nvkatz@gmail.com

    Option: B

    First line: Jocelyn stared at the guy sitting across the table from her, wondering how he’d react later – when he was drowning.

  43. Name Jamie Dement (LadyJai)

    Genre Picture Book

    email ladyjai at gmail.com

    option A

    Walter lumbered about, day in and day out, as his home tumbled through space.

  44. Name: Brittany Melson (title of book is Bloodstone)
    Genre: Paranormal Young Adult
    email: BrittanyMelson@gmail.com
    option you chose [A or B]: Followed on Twitter
    Firs Line:
    “No, I will not use my employee discount to save you fifty cents on tampons,” I told Tonya again, just in case she didn’t hear me the first four times.

  45. Name: Melissa Koosmann
    Genre: Chapter book
    Email: melkoosmann at yahoo dot com
    Option A (signed up for newsletter)

    Half an hour after Kestrel Falk arrived in Arizona, she wanted to go home.

  46. Name: Amy Jarecki
    Genre: YA Historical (Native American)
    email: amyjarecki (at) gmail (dot) com
    Option: A and B
    First Sentance: Since the day of my birth incessant training prepared me for my rite, yet at this moment, fear consumed me.

  47. Name: Leslie Creek
    Genre: YA
    email: lesliea1968 at yahoo dot com
    I completed Options A and B because I’m that neurotic.

    “It started as a dream and turned into something so real I could feel the point of the knife against my throat.”

  48. Name: Dave Haynes
    Genre: Fantasy Adventure/Humor – Picture Book
    Email: elmogallen at hotmail.com (trying to avoid some automated spam there; hope you don’t mind…)
    Option: B

    Lancelot ran into Arthur’s room, tripped, and fell flat on his face.

  49. I posted this contest on FB under Theresa Brown Milstein and on my blog sidebar: http://theresamilstein.blogspot.com

    Name Theresa Milstein
    Genre YA Fantasy
    email tmilstein at gmail dot com
    Chose option B (Facebook)

    My amazing first sentence:

    You know how adults always warn children not to run with scissors because they could lose an eye and to stop tipping back their chairs because they could crack open their skulls?

  50. Name: Jen Maschari
    Genre: Middle Grade Humor/Zombie (if that can be considered a genre!)
    E-mail: jen.maschari AT gmail DOT com
    Option A

    First line: I’m sure you’re here because you’ve heard the rumors.

    1. Ooops.

      The first line is actually: I’m sure you’re here because you have heard the rumors.


  51. Name: Karen Staman
    Genre: Middle Grade
    Email: Kstaman@gmail.com
    Option A
    First line: Most people think I don’t listen, but when I listen hard, I can hear the earthworms, and they are really distracting.

  52. Name: Anita Saxena
    Genre: YA Fantasy
    E-mail: anitasaxena at yahoo dot com
    Option A
    The driver throws my stuff in with Mom’s suitcases and slams the trunk with a finality that signifies, to me at least, the end of my life as I know it.

  53. Name – Kimberly Miller
    Genre – YA urban fantasy
    email – kimberlymillerpa at aol dot com
    option B

    First sentence: I spotted her shivering figure cowering under a tall pine tree.

  54. Name: Marie Cruz
    Genre: YA
    email: mariveecruz at yahoo dot com
    option you chose [A or B]: A

    Your amazing first sentence: “Danny had blood and bits of wool all over his clothes.”

  55. Name: shelley seely
    Genre: MG Paranormal Mystery
    option you chose [A or B]Facebook and newsletter

    Your amazing first sentence: “I used to think that ghosts haunt places, not people.”

  56. Name: Morgan Fedderly (Book Title: Grundy)
    Genre: Picture book
    Email: plaid_rocks@hotmail.com
    Option: A and Facebook

    Your amazing first sentence:
    “On a farm that sits back on a dusty dirt road
    There began a true story that deserves to be told,
    About the message inside a handwritten letter
    And things getting worse before they get better.”

  57. Name: Keiru Bakke
    Genre: Paranormal Romance
    email: KeiruBakke@gmail.com
    option: B

    And despite our bumpy encounters, he stands as the first man on Earth who has ever truly interested me.

  58. Name: Beth Hull

    Genre: YA Fantasy

    Email: tbeth.hull (at) gmail (dot) com

    Option B

    My amazing first sentence: The boy would be dead before the waning crescent.

  59. Name Ladonna Watkins
    Genre YA Multicultural Steampunk Fairytale
    email qtrdmn@aol.com
    option you chose [A or B] B

    Your amazing first sentence.
    Isabell Kincaid glanced down at the makeshift engagement ring on her index finger, a yellow string.

  60. rebekah
    YA Fantasy
    option A

    Irene knew that before the sun rose over the eastern mountains she’d be dead.

  61. Name: Megan Lentz
    Genre: YA dystopian
    Email: dragonflyword at gmail.com

    Option B (also subscribed to Newsletter)

    First line: The gentle swish of my prison door sliding open pulls me back into myself, my body growing tight with tension, my brain struggling to hold on to who I am.

  62. Pam
    YA contemporary
    Option A

    Walking along the dim sidewalk, garbage lining the fence, a cop to my left and a social worker on my right, I wondered how I could’ve possibly thought my life couldn’t get worse.

  63. Robert Linke

    Young Adult Fantasy


    Option B

    “Are you sure he’s in Riverside?”

  64. Michele Tennant
    (email didn’t work duh)
    YA Edgy
    michele [underscore] tennant [at] yahoo.com
    Option A

    I watch, transfixed, as the clear liquid drips into the plastic tube, running in a constant flow through the I.V. needle they stuck into my arm.

  65. Name: Ruth Donnelly
    Genre: middle grade paranormal
    email: ruth.donnelly@sbcglobal.net
    option you chose [B] (I liked WIFYR on facebook; I’m not on twitter.)

    Your amazing first sentence:

    As she trudged through the woods that fateful March day, Eleanor Olive wished she were a dog.

  66. Name: Amie Kaufman

    Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

    Email: amiekaufman ~at~ gmail ~dot~ com

    Option: A

    First Sentence: Samuel was already running when the miller’s shed exploded.

  67. Jeri Baird
    Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure
    A & B

    In the twilight, if you sit very still, there is a magic that occurs between the setting of the sun and the rising of a full moon.

  68. Name: Nicole Zoltack
    Genre: fantasy YA
    email: Nicole.Zoltack AT gmail.com
    Option B

    Mr. McMichaels hated me ever since he confiscated a story I wrote during class last week.

  69. Name: Celesta Rimington
    Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy
    email: celesta.rimington@gmail.com
    Option A: I signed up for the newsletter and I liked on FB

    First Sentence: Greer Callaghan’s bare legs stuck to the Ford’s vinyl seat and reminded her of her number ten reason why moving to Uncle Llewelyn’s bed and breakfast mansion was a bad idea.

  70. Katharina Gerlach
    MG Time Travel
    option B

    I hated old Bodger on the best of days but most of all when he taught science on a Monday morning.

  71. Name: Daniel Crossen
    Email: daniel.r.crossen@gmail.com
    Genre: YA Fantasy
    Option: B
    First Sentence:
    Something had changed in the early morning, something horrible had been unleashed into the world, and the elements themselves were showing their disapproval.

  72. Name: Gail Shepherd
    Genre: Middle grade
    email: zenana57@bellsouth.net

    option you chose [A or B] B: facebook Gail Shepherd, twitter gailshepherd

    Your amazing first sentence. “Daddy said they were going to have to ‘put the bats down.'”

  73. Name: Becky
    Genre: YA Fantasy/Horror
    Option: B (Twitter name is cafecliche)

    The floor shuddered against Kalinda’s ribs like grinding teeth.

  74. Estee Wood
    YA Contemporary/ Horror
    Option A (liked on Facebook)

    Dear Diary,
    I’m writing today to tell you that I’m not going to write anymore.

  75. Name: Flo Bertsch

    Genre: YA

    Email: lollirey1@yahoo.com

    Option: A

    First sentence: Amber threw her sister’s picture across the room when she saw the engagement announcement in the newspaper.

  76. Name: Leah Henderson
    Genre: Picture Book
    Email: leahfh@me.com
    Option A

    First sentence:

    Miss Bibble, the world’s greatest bauble seeker and pocket keeper, was the nicest, meanest,
    happiest, saddest, sweetest, sourest, friendliest, crabbiest old woman anyone ever did meet.

  77. Name: Angela Citte
    Genre: YA Fantasy
    Email: acitte73@yahoo.com
    Option B–Wahoo! Registered for Holly’s class!

    “While I knew it was impossible, I was sure the raven smiled as he spread his silent, pitch-black wings and swallowed me whole.”

  78. Name: Sharon Mayhew
    Genre: hf pb
    Email: sharonkmayhew at gmail dot com
    Option B
    First Line:

    It was World War Two and everyone was expected to do their part, even me.

  79. Name: Valerie Larson-Howard
    Genre: Picture Book
    Option B and I am registering for the newsletter.
    My first line is:

    ‘Here Ye, Here Ye, The King of Sherman Elementary has arrived,” bellowed Brinkley as he hopped off the bus and barrelled toward the playground.

  80. Name: Miriam Caldwell
    Genre: YA contemporary fantasy
    Email: miriam.caldwell (at) gmail.com
    Option A&B (I did both)

    1st Sentence: It’s often been said that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but in the world I live in, a straight line is hard to find.

  81. Name: Cheryl Mansfield
    Genre: Young Middle Grade
    email: CherylM112@aol.com
    Choose Option A (will also do opt. B when I get home from work)

    Your amazing first sentence:

    For the record, the things you’ll hear about me are not true. Mostly.

  82. Here’s my first line of my book-
    “When nine-year-old Molly McGregor plucked the book off the shelf, it quivered.”

  83. Name: Amy Jo Lavin
    Genre: YA Contemporary
    Email: amyjlavin at yahoo dot com
    Option A – newsletter

    First Sentence: It’s debatable whether or not a person weighs less on an airplane.

  84. Emilee Barnett
    YA Mystery/Romance
    Option A & B done

    Abigail Mills coped with her feelings of panic by rolling up the graduation program in her hands; her dread tightened, around and around, until the paper, paralyzed with tension, could no longer move.

    1. Sorry, that should be ‘burped’. “Today at recess, I burped jellybeans.”

  85. Brian Higginson
    YA Fantasy
    Option A
    1st Sentence: Finn woke to the sound of his uncle coughing way off in the trees and two messenger dragons twittering to each other on a branch over his head.

  86. Name: Tania Lieman
    Genre: Middle grade
    Email: tanimaree@hotmail.com
    Option: A
    First Line:
    The traffic lights stuck on orange for nearly ten years at the edge of my hometown are enchanted, not broken.

  87. Name: Lisa Basso
    Genre: Paranormal YA
    email: angel28140 (at) yahoo (dot) com
    Option: A
    First Line: Doctor Graham said I was cured the day he signed my release papers, but there was nothing like a big fat set of wings to pour on the doubt.

  88. Julia Pierce
    Genre- MG Fantasy
    E-mail- laughingpaws at msn.com
    Option B

    First Line- Kate knew that she was never going to be happy again.

  89. Name: Shannon Schuren
    Genre: MG Fantasy
    Option B
    First Line:
    In my line of work, being seen by a client is like being stranded on a desert island with no toothbrush.

  90. Name: Ed DeCaria
    E-mail: Included with reply, so I chose not to publish it openly
    Genre: Younger middle grade
    Option B: Twitter only
    First line:

    Something stinks. Climb up your nose and scratch the back of your eyeballs stinks.

  91. Name: Erica Olson
    Genre: YA contemporary
    email: ericao75(at)hotmail.com
    Option: B (twitter as erica and christy, FB as my personal id)

    Amazing first sentence: I slammed the car door and rushed past the men putting pieces of my life into a big white truck.

  92. Name: Camille Ballou

    Genre: YA Parnormal

    email: caballou(at)energysolutions(dot)com

    Option: B (and I think option A)

    Amazing first sentence: Macoy was transfixed on the remaining swallow of brown liquid he was swirling around the plastic party cup in his hand while he ignored the too-skinny blonde sticking her tongue in his ear and licking his neck.

  93. Name: Christy Hintz
    Genre: YA Paranormal
    email: nc_hintz@yahoo.com
    option you chose: B (twitter as erica and christy, fb as my personal account)

    Your amazing first sentence: An icy sensation dripped down my spine, my only warning before cloudy blue light shined across the faded leaves.

  94. Name: Shiela Blankemeier
    Genre: YA fantasy
    email: shielacblank@aol.com
    option you chose [A or B]: B – following on Twitter (shielacblank) and liked on facebook (shielamom)

    Your amazing first sentence: Liliana laid her hand across her newborn daughter’s bare chest.

  95. Name: Cayleigh Hickey
    Genre: YA Fantasy
    E-Mail: changelingfey@gmail.com
    Option A

    First Sentence: If you caught Ivy Edwards at random on any given day, nine times out of ten she’d be doing something downright mad.

  96. Name: Stephanie Surles

    Genre: YA

    Email: ssurles@hotmail.com

    Option: Option B (Twitter as StephSurles)

    First Sentence: “With the recent incidents in São Paulo and Tianjin, as well as the ongoing challenges, our numbers have become perilously low,” the silver haired gentleman said.

    Thanks for hosting this contest!

  97. Name: Michael Di Gesu

    Genre: M/G Fantasy

    Email: mculi@aol.com

    Option: Option B

    First Sentence:

    Car lights flooded the Esplanade as limo after limo pulled into the circular driveway of the the Mayor of Helmsdale’s mansion.

  98. Mattie Noall
    Picture Book
    Option A
    Also posted on Facebook about the contest.

    “The snow started to fall at evening’s last light,
    It fell harder and faster and kept up all night.”

  99. Name: Amy Conner

    Genre: Contemporary YA

    Email: amy(underscore)conner(at)live(dot)com

    Option A!

    First Line: I wouldn’t have hooked up with the cheerleader on Monday, or Nathan’s little sister on Thursday, if I would have known I was going to meet the girl of my dreams on Saturday.

  100. Name: Jenn
    Genre: YA Historical Romance
    email: phanhnguyen1 at yahoo.com
    Option A please!

    First sentence: With one last look over her shoulder at Fairview manor, the only home she’d ever known, Julie Hawthorne wrenched the thick gold band off her finger.

  101. Name: Leisha
    Genre: YA fantasy
    email: klmaw (at) aol (dot) com
    Option: A and B What can I say, I love WIFYR.
    Sentence: Trin circled her opponent.

  102. Name: Melanie Skelton
    Genre: MG
    email: melskel@gmail.com
    option: A & B

    Your amazing first sentence.
    Ava’s twisted ankle was to blame for the failed promise to keep Asher from doing anything stupid.

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