the overheard conversation [a look at Harry Potter, Castle, and Sally Lockhart]

One thing that can come out as so cliché is when a character overhears a conversation. BUT, disagrees one avid blog reader, IT IS SO IMPORTANT! MY PROTAGONIST HAS TO OVERHEAR THIS CONVERSATION SO THE READER KNOWS WHAT’S GOING ON! Right? Okay, so I do agree with that. And I’ve noticed a few times when […]

the mice in heaven are throwing snowballs at us

I’ll admit, I never had an imaginary friend. When my little sister was three, Disney’s Pocahontas came out, and suddenly John Smith was her new best (though very much invisible) friend. Once, she jumped out from under the table and shot me with a snorkle (yes, the thing you go swimming with) and shouted: ZAPP! […]