Today’s top sticky note to self: “They are call TRANSPORT CHIPS! Why did you call them something else so now ‘find’ doesn’t work, and you have to read every area you mention the stupid things. STYLE GUIDE’

Tip: Just so you know, a Style Guide is something editors use as a cover sheet to the story. Any new word, character (and descriptions used for them), and technology is put in the Style Guide so I don’t confuse them later on (ie: I use the same spelling throughout, and describe it the same way). I also have a Binder–known simply as THE BINDER–that keeps all my notes and research of the world.

Today’s best google search: Who was that Nazi guy who was an environmentalist? (Found someone, but not sure if it’s the one I wanted. I used to debate in high school, and this guy had tons of great writing on environmentalism, so I might need to keep looking . . .)

Today’s shocking find: My manuscript is officially TOO LONG. While I really tried to flesh out this version, I am now trying to cut on sentence level to make sure the writing is tight and concise.

Today’s favorite quote: “I didn’t know I was signing up with a  bunch of idiots.”

Today’s distraction was brought to you by: my anniversary. Yep, it’s been 2 years today!

5 thoughts on “Monday’s a Perfect Day for Revisions (and tips!)

  1. Ooh! Nice idea on creating your own style guide. And also The Binder. I really need to make one of those for myself. Right now all my world-building stuff is in random separate files on my computer, and I think a physical binder or notebook would make the world more real maybe. Happy anniversary!

    1. I’ve found it so helpful, because I’ve created a whole world and I have to keep track of all the details. So I strongly recommend it to everyone else, just so you have a reference for yourself. I know I’ve spelled one of my characters names many different ways!

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