dystopias: are they really new?

Ra-chel  \ rā’chəl \ – noun 1. A polycraftual knitter, writer, and aspiring metalworker and graphic designer. 2. One who gets nothing done without multitasking. 3. A lover of fresh Utah snow, dark chocolate, and bright orange. Archaic: A gamer and passionate skier masquerading as a scholar. Origin:  http://wordknitter.wordpress.com/ ________________________________________________________________________________ Studying adolescent literature relies on […]

crossover fiction: ya and adult markets explored

Teens acting like adults? Call me crazy, but that’s a trend that seems to be popping up lately. There have been many YA novels published where the teenage protagonist acts like an adult. What started with TWILIGHT has now become a trend — the teens are not only acting more mature, but they are parenting […]